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Look well to the SPINE for the CAUSE of DISEASE.

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Tuvo accidente de carro

o lesionado en el trabajo?

Accidentes pueden causar mayores lesiones o lesiones ocultas. Necesitas un chequeo.

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Are you

Suffering from pain, stiffness or injury?

Need treatment for muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments?

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Pain Management Chiropractor in Wilmington DE

Joy Chiropractic Offers

Auto accident treatment at Joy Chiropractic

If you had a car accident, please seek an immediate medical or chiropractic evaluation. Whiplash injury is very common injury to neck and ...

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Work injury treatment at Joy Chiropractic

Work place injuries can occurs with acute trauma/accident or through repetitive stress causing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder area pain, or lower back pain to name...

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pain in the extremities

One of the most common pain complaints are the extremity pain such as shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Overuse and the daily stress ...

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Back pain treatment at Joy Chiropractic

It is so common to experience Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headache but it is not ok to life with it. Patients will receive comprehensive consultations that ...

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Wellness chiropractic at Joy Chiropractic

Are you suffering from persisting pain or fatigue? Dr. Kim can help to recover from the condition and build a foundation for long-term quality of life. Dr. Kim will treat your acute...

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Corrrective exercise at Joy Chiropractic

Dr. Kim focuses on the “4 Phases of Corrective Exercise” to provide our patients to achieve pain relief, improve function, accelerate healing time for injuries, and enhance sports...

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Pediatric care at Joy Chiropractic

Dr. Kim received special trainings through International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and can help moms through her pregnancy and your children to live a healthier, happier...

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Nutritional counseling at Joy Chiropractic

Our nutrition counseling supports long-term results by helping our patients to adopt new, healthy eating habits with organically grown extract whole food supplements as necessary, based...

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No matter whether your condition was caused by a car accident, work injury or a sport, we welcome the chance to serve you. Best Chiropractor in Wilmington, Delaware!

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Personalized Treatment

You will receive a full evaluation and individualized treatment in our Wilmington, Delaware clinic.

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Advanced technologies

The most technologically advanced treatments are used for pain management.

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Experienced Staff

Our Wilmington chiropractor is certified in Chiropractic and all staff are well trained.

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Comfortable Clinic

Our clinic feels like a comfortable health & wellness in the Wilmington, Delaware area.

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A Variety of Services

Auto accidents, worker injuries, and Pediatric care for the Wilmington community.

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Spanish/Korean services

The only doctor who speaks Spanish, Korean, and English in Wilmington, DE area.

¿Le duele el cuello, la espalda, cabeza, los brazos y las piernas? Marque para un chequeo y tratamiento con la Doctora quien habla Español No deje que los malestares se acumulen!