Wellness Chiropractic

Wellness Chiropractic

wellness chiropractic

Are you suffering from persisting pain or fatigue? Dr. Kim can help you to recover from the condition and build a foundation for long-term quality of life. Dr. Kim will treat your acute or chronic pain and recommend lifestyle adjustments to help you live your best life and long-term health. Do not depend on medications as that will only hide your pain but address and treat the cause of the pain in order to prevent further damage and long term disabilities.

For patients without insurance: -Spinal manipulation fee varies depending on the spinal regions, $55 to $75 -Extremity manipulation fee $50

There are additional fees for physiotherapy treatments when the doctor recommends/prescribes adjunctive procedures.

Call us and ask for free consultation with our doctor.

¿Le duele el cuello, la espalda, cabeza, los brazos y las piernas? Marque para un chequeo y tratamiento con la Doctora quien habla Español No deje que los malestares se acumulen!